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My family has been going here for 50 years to buy hanging baskets for the deck of our cabin. It is a relished tradition, signaling summer at the lake. I just purchased 4 baskets, buy 3 get one free has been there motto. I was helped out by Scott, a super nice guy who helped me get them down from the hanging racks and even brought them to my vehicle and helped put them in, so they weren't damaged. Checkout was by a hard working Duluth East HS recent graduate, Maija. Please don't get your baskets at another store, same price but professionally grown in their own greenhouse.

Lee L.

Gordy's always has a great selection of flowers, plants and herbs. They also a huge selection of garden novelties and decorations; some things so unique you won't find anywhere else. Great place to find a gift for the special Gardner in your life.

James B.

Tons of great stuff here. I bought a whole bunch of pots and plants. They have lots of fairy garden items, flowers, perennials, annuals, etc. Love it!

Valerie A.

Lots of fun stuff and beautiful plants.

Kelly J.

Lots of knickknacks to look at. Decent place to shop.

Charles C.

Nice to stop and get some different garden decorations.

Jeff C.

Best nursery stock!

D D.

Great place for garden plants and gifts.

Scott B.

They have wonderful flower and gifts

Jennifer J.

Great place to go if you garden !!!!lots of yard decor as well.

Colleen M.

Always enjoy seeing the variety of products for gardens.

Paula L.


Lisa R.

Late to get our veggies for the garden, but they had all we needed!

Rebecca k.

So much unusual beautiful gifty items, something for everyone!

Patricia P.

Late to get our veggies for the garden, but they had all we needed!

Rebecca k.

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